Monday, August 24, 2009

BC - Thu, 8/20/09

Why would Adam conduct legal business at ConFusion? Confusion is not HIS style at ALL. And Liza takes her BABY there to conduct the business? WTF? Who takes a baby to a BAR? She should have either gone to Adam's house or had him come to the Yacht Club or even BJ's, but not a BAR! Then Liza says she's got a bottle in the fridge for little Stuart. So she not only takes the baby to a bar, but she imposes on the bar to handle her baby supplies. Where did she change the baby? Do you know of any bars that have changing tables in the bathrooms? Condom and sanitary supply dispensers, yes, but a changing table?

Does little Stuart really belong on the TV show "Heroes"? I ask because for some reason his caretakers seem to be able to feed and change him within mere SECONDS (in this case, it took approximately 43 seconds, with me just counting 1,001, 1,002, etc.) for Liza to walk away and return after changing him). Colby did something similar with him earlier. Now THAT is a superpower. The kid apparently has the ability to either be self-cleaning, like an oven, or to speed up time whenever he feels like it. That is one low-maintenance baby! Hiro on Heroes refers to baby Matt Parker as Baby Touch-And-Go because the baby can make all kinds of things stop or start, depending on his mood (and you'd better hope his mood is GOOD or not much will get done). What's little Stuart's superhero name?

Can attorney/client privilege still apply in a busy bar? I mean, the privilege applies to the attorney, but if anyone else is there it could considered a waiver of that privilege for THAT person. That's another reason for a lawyer to meet with clients in an office or an otherwise private location, and not in a f**king BAR. That said, Ryan was NOT a part of that meeting. However, anything he might have overheard is too damn bad for the lawyer and the client because they did not take even REMOTELY reasonable steps to ensure privacy.

Where and when did Randi get a bright orange shirt and exceptionally loud plaid pants for little Trevor? Oh yeah, he'll blend.

Well, it looks like Jackson is fleeing the coop and probably not going to California when AMC moves its production facilities. Of course, he's on so seldom, he might still come back for short visits, much like Barry Shire, who only shows up on rare occasions. Besides, now they have Liza to be the town lawyer, and Livia is still lurking around with a briefcase somewhere in between Crestor commercials and stints on crime dramas.

Why do both Krystal and Erica need to do their respective "work" out loud? Are they incapable of doing anything in their heads? I'm reminded of an early episode of "Married ... With Children" wherein Bud says something along the lines that he can tell when Kelly is trying to read because her butt cheeks move as she tries (in vain) to sound out the words.

Robin "did anyone NOT guess what the second word was before Krystal found it?" Coutellier

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