Tuesday, August 11, 2009

BC - Fri, 8/7/09

Well, I guess Marian dusted off the gun she used to kill Zach Grayson with (she did a couple of years at Statesville for THAT one).

Why did Taylor risk bringing the baby to Tad's place just because the baby hadn't pooped since yesterday? Way to keep a low profile! Besides, anyone who has ever had a baby knows what a monumental pain it is to take it anywhere -- you're laden down like a camel!

Damn, they sure are mopping up FAST after the shooting! Where are the people with the measuring tapes and cameras and sample swabs? No WAY would a crime scene be cleaned up that quickly in real life! How much times has gone by, 10-15 minutes, if that? And why does the blood still look like ketchup, especially after being dunked in a bucket of water?

JAR admits to having been immature and spoiled at points in his life. At POINTS in his life? Puh-Leeze! He's been immature and spoiled ALL of his life! He was much LESS so when he was a kid; usually it's the other way around.

Then JAR sneers to Annie that at least he's not a self-absorbed, money-sucking, mentally unstable waste like HER. Uh, actually, he's been ALL of those things at MANY points in his adult life. Pot, Kettle.

Now we see eBabe JUST NOW being wheeled into the PVPD Emergency Dept. Excuse me? So they mopped up the crime scene even before she got to the hospital that everyone in town can get to in the blink of an eye! What did they do, stop at the Dairy Queen on the way for some soft cones and fries, or perhaps stop and text their friends, check their email, play a few video games and update their FaceBook status?

Considering that Rach has practically RAISED the two boys, that was a pretty abrupt dismissal of her by Zach. What about the children? They are losing their mother AND their mother-substitute on the SAME DAY! He just rushed her out the door. You'd think she would at least have some personal effects there. It was a pretty crappy thing for Zach to do both to Rachel AND to the children!

One or more of the children playing Spike is unquestionably developmentally disabled in my opinion. The triplets that play Spike are three years old now, yet one or more of them often babbles complete nonsense, like baby Ian. They should either replace the boys who portray him or write this into the storyline, because it gets harder every day to watch everyone completely ignore something that is becoming so obvious. Most 3-yr-olds chatter away all day long, asking question after question after question, usually in relatively complete sentences. The older the child actors get, the more glaringly obvious it will become. The 18-month-old who lives upstairs from me demonstrates verbal skills that are nearly the same as "Spike's", but more animated and intelligible (and the toddler's verbal skills improve at a rapid rate from one week to the next). He also demonstrates some rapidly improving tantrum-throwing skills, along with rapidly increasing lung capacity, but I digress

Robin "what was that weird shoe-creaking-like noise at the end of the show?" Coutellier

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