Friday, August 14, 2009

BC - Thu, 8/13/09

Why would Angie be looking into the autopsy report of Henry North? Why was the autopsy even done in Pine Valley when he died in Washington DC or a suburb of it?

Wow, little Trevor has grown a LOT recently.

Taylor tells Tad that he doesn't have to stick around now that the baby's going. Uh, WHERE is the baby going? I know Amanda and Jake are planning to "adopt" him, but the way Taylor is talking, it sounds like the baby is leaving within the next 24 hours.

Oh, so NOW Amanda explains the next braindead plan for the baby (well after Taylor indicates the baby is about to be gone): he will be dropped off on a charity doorstep where Opal will "find" him and call Child Protective Services, and Tad will somehow magically arrange for Opal to be the foster mother. What if CPS decides Opal doesn't qualify to be a foster parent, or that there is simply someone else or another couple that has been waiting and is already pre-qualified? For that matter, what makes Amanda think that she and Jake will zoom to the top of the list of parents waiting to adopt? What if someone finds the baby before Opal does? There are SOOO many holes in this plan.

Has the Wildwind mausoleum set been recycled into a church/charity building?

I don't know what the weather is like in Pine Valley right now, but it's the middle of August and it is BAKING hot here in California. Why would Angie choose to go with a really long weave in such hot weather?

Why would Joe forcibly drag Opal off to get tested and examined when she so CLEARLY has to be somewhere else in a hurry and she just happened to be in the hallway when he walked by? Joe wouldn't do that! The way they made him act I had to wonder if they were going with some sort of mental deficiency storyline for him. So now the baby is gone and Opal is not the one who took him.

Robin "Gee, didn't see THAT coming" Coutellier

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