Friday, August 7, 2009

BC - Tue, 8/4/09

It looks like Adam was triple-dosed with the tanning shower!

Liza swings her briefcase in anger, not realizing that David was right behind her. Her briefcase hits him HARD on the arm and shoulder. So why was he checking his nose to see if it was bleeding? Was his finger in it when he got hit?

JAR complains that Annie is a good student (with Adam as the teacher), learning how to be manipulative, coercive and saying whatever to get whatever she wants (minor nitpick: she was ALREADY that way before she even MET Adam). JAR says he learned everything he knows from Adam, but it turns out that he's just not as good at working people. He likes to think that it's because he has a little thing called "morals". BWAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!

Jake gets snotty with Tad over "loose lips sink ships" because Tad said something about getting back to the baby. Hello? Jake and Amanda talked about the baby and their big, SECRET plan to fool David for MONTHS anywhere and everywhere they went!

How is Annie managing to even WALK in that dress, let alone dance in circles? She and Adam are stepping all OVER the hem. He's probably the only thing holding her up.

Kendall is such a twit.

Robin "OFGS!" Coutellier

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