Wednesday, August 26, 2009

BC - Tue, 8/25/09

Is this Spike one of the seldom-used triplets? At least today his hair doesn't look nearly as Hitler-like as it usually does.

Since she's on house arrest, does Annie have someone come to the manor to give her Collagen injections in her lips, or does that qualify as a medical necessity?

Did you notice Annie's bangs while she was testifying? They poofed out from her forehead and she was CONSTANTLY shaking her head back and forth and up and down as part of her sincerity act. Every time she did that, her bangs would bounce wildly side to side (shaking her head) or up and out (nodding her head), to the point that I watched the rest of her hair to see if someone had a fan on her (they didn't). At one point, it occurred to me that her bangs almost looked like a slinky in motion :-) Then a famous line from "Some Like It Hot" occurred to me: "It's like Jello ... on springs!"

Liza tells Tad that she has feelings for Zach. How can anyone tell? She's like an iceberg. Everything she says comes out as a combination of bored with attempted sultriness, and her facial expression (singular) rarely changes. I say ATTEMPTED sultriness because that seems to be what she's TRYING to convey, but she leaves ME cold.

What the hell did Kendall hit Liza with? It looks like a photo album or some other relatively soft (compared to a brick, for instance) thing. Naturally Liza is knocked out cold. How is it that people in Pine Valley lose consciousness at the slightest bump when they are just standing on a floor somewhere, but manage to jump or fall off high rises and cliffs with little or no damage?

As for Kendall, she's practically BEGGING to be exposed and put into prison where she's supposed to be in the first place.

OT/TAN: Three more days to pack for the move Saturday. Will I make it in time? Stay tuned ...

Robin "I can't believe I'm finally caught up on my AMC episodes!" Coutellier

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