Friday, August 7, 2009

BC - Thu, 8/6/09

THAT'S Lucretia? I think this is the first time we've ever seen her (with confirmation) in all these years! I pictured her as being quite a bit older and stouter than that. She must have been quite an accomplished YOUNG chef because I'm pretty sure Lucretia has been working for Adam since he moved to Pine Valley in 1984.

Marian came into the courtroom and announced that SHE will NEVER forgive Kendall. The next thing I know, ABC interrupts with the news about Judge Sotomayor's appointment. When AMC returned, Marian was on the stand and was saying: "You all keep talking about the INTENDED victim and how we should take pity on Kendall ..." The interruption started DURING a commercial, and only about 5 minutes were missed, so it could have been mostly commercials. What did I miss in between?

I hate to think we'll never see Marian again She turned in quite a performance!

Why is Angie looking so stricken at seeing Randi and Madison, the DA's wife, talking? Angie DIDN'T SEE them talking, she was rummaging in her purse and looked up after Madison walked away.

Robin "of course, we don't know WHY she looks stricken (yet)" Coutellier

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