Wednesday, August 19, 2009

BC - Mon, 8/17/09

It's been pointed out to me on RATSA that there actually WAS a separate ledge that Ryan was hanging off off to do his chin-ups/pull-ups. Upon closer inspection of the beam post on the right, I can now see that, so my bad. Still, I think I like MY version better Besides, he was STILL only just BARELY using his fingertips to pull himself up, and he DID look like a fly or a lizard clinging to a wall.

When Zach went into the safe room, he looked at the tray of food and I swear to God he said: "You touched your poop!" Excuse me? I backed up and heard the same thing, although the closed-captioning said "You haven't touched your food!" Well, that certainly makes more sense, although since she's locked in a small room, then MY interpretation COULD apply, I suppose. Anyway, I backed it up several times and that's what I heard EVERY time unless I actually read his lips. He kind of slurred quickly through the line, I think. Oh well, it's more fun when I hear something slightly different than what they actually said I can almost HEAR Crow T Robot exclaiming in consternation: "YOU TOUCHED YOUR POOP??? Do we REALLY need to know THAT level of detail?"

Why does Annie keep wearing clothes that make her look boxy?

Adam says he's not going to lend Zach money if it's intended to help with Kendall's appeals. I thought appeals were not on the table if a person pleads guilty unless some new information comes to light (like proof that someone ELSE did it). For instance, Dennis Radar, the BTK killer basically said, okay, guys, you GOT me! Then he stood up in court, allocuted (told them what happened, in detail) and proceeded to give a thank you speech to law enforcement that worthy of the Oscars. HE cannot appeal. Appeals are basically procedural issues based on things such as Ineffective Assistance Of Counsel (I'm surprised EVERY conviction in PV isn't overturned on that basis alone), not filing something by a certain deadline, not filing certain motions, deliberately hiding relevant evidence, improper testing or storage of evidence, etc. It's basically paperwork. An appeal is not so much deciding someone if someone is guilty/not guilty as it is deciding whether or not they should have ANOTHER trial. If a conviction is overturned on appeal and the District Attorney decides not to do a retrial, then I think the defendant walks free. Otherwise, the defendant can probably get out on bail until the retrial.

Why are Jake and Amanda still keeping quiet about the baby? WHY? The baby has been TAKEN! Granted, they LEFT the baby and set it up that way, but it backfired. It doesn't MATTER if David finds out at this point, nor does it matter that they will probably end up standing before a judge for hiding the baby in the first place; what MATTERS is finding the baby! There won't be ANY fighting with David (other than vendettas and legalities) if no baby can be produced. Surely SOMEONE has at least taken photos of the baby that can be put on the news and given to police. Time is of the essence and they're all running around on wild goose chases or twiddling them thumbs.

Annie should really consider throwing her little hissy fits and making of faces in another room. She apparently keeps forgetting that Adam has the room under 24-hour surveillance. Then again, so does Adam.

A) Why are Zach and Kendall constantly caught off guard when people keep knocking on their door? B) Why does Kendall keep coming out of the "safe" room blithely thinking that no one will ever see her? I'm sure she IS going stir crazy in there, but them's the breaks if she wants to stay out of prison illegally.

Robin "are they still curtainless at the Slater house?" Coutellier

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