Thursday, August 13, 2009

BC - Tue, 7/11/09

Is it my imagination, or did eBabe get her hair colored while she was in the hospital?

What is Annie drinking? Is it Sangria -- during a THERAPY session? Or maybe it's Fusion V-8 or perhaps red Kool-Aid, although the more appropriate drink for her would probably be Hawaiian Punch.

Since people keep breaking into Ryan's penthouse, perhaps he should consider moving to a more secure abode. He should also get some sort of scanner to find out if there are any unauthorized cellphones in the place -- I'm assuming there ARE such things, although it might get confused by other cellphones in the building. Does the balcony run all around the penthouse? If not, maybe he should move Emma's room to one that does not have balcony access. For that matter, a child's room should not have direct access to a balcony in ANY case. What's to keep her from getting up in the night and accidentally going over the edge of it?

So what did Annie actually DO to finesse a passing grade in the evaluation?

Oh, this Kendall in hiding storyline is RIDICULOUS! It does explain why he abruptly dismissed Rachel, though. And helping Zach to pull this off is SOOOOO not in character for Jesse! Not at ALL. Helping Randi was one thing, because there were family ties, but helping an unrelated prisoner that he doesn't even know that well to escape, and going along with a look-alike taking Kendall's place in prison is absolutely LUDICROUS!

Wow, both Ryan AND Erica actually said "GOOD NIGHT" on the phone before hanging up. That's practically UNHEARD of on a soap!

I can see Erica watching a romantic old movie, but Ryan? Come ON! With all the channels available to him he's watching a sappy movie with a lot of dancing in it? I realize there was a Dancing With The Stars tie-in with both characters, but you would normally have to chain a guy down to watch a movie like that.

Was I the only one who thought the closeup of the overflowing champagne bottle and the way Adam was holding it looked incredibly phallic?

Robin "just me?" Coutellier

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