Tuesday, August 18, 2009

BC - Fri, 8/14/09

What the hell was Ryan holding onto when he did his pull-ups? From what I saw, it looked like he was simply digging his fingernails into the wood, like a cat, or maybe just sticking to it like a fly. He wasn't even gripping any handles of any kind. I call B-O-G-U-S. Not that I mind seeing a buff guy shirtless (well, I mind it if it's so that Erica can see him and get all ... tingly), but couldn't they at least have him put his fingers over the TOP of the wooden beam?

Why did Jesse call Madison a "frigid, clueless skank"? I can see the clueless part, but we've seen no evidence that she's frigid or a skank. She obviously didn't have much going on in the sex dept with her husband, but come on -- she's either frigid or she's a skank, she can't be BOTH. Besides, "skank", aside from being sexually promiscuous, generally implies a certain level of low-class unkemptness, and Madison is nothing if not neat, clean, well-groomed, expertly coiffed and well-dressed, despite her alcohol and gambling addictions. But more to the point, why is Jesse attacking her sexuality, whatever it may be? Oh wait, did he know about her hitting on Frankie? Whatever. I can see him calling her a blackmailing BITCH, a lush, a black widow, and a golddigger (among other things) quite easily but frigid and skank are just ... lame.

Gary (the guy from Lacey's) told Ryan that his reputation as a businessman was impeccable. I guess the guy didn't know about IncredibleDreams.com or Ryan's early days as a con-man.

Gary was THRILLED to see Erica in the flesh. He was probably even MORE thrilled when he realized she has such shiny new implants. I was wondering if he'd compliment her on how well she wears them. While it's true that some men act like idiots around beautiful women, and especially celebrities, that guy was just plain pathetic. To have him flip-flop from cutting back on an order to DOUBLING it just because Erica danced with him and flattered him was even MORE pathetic.

If Ryan were such an accomplished business man, he wouldn't be grinning ear-to-ear and openly admiring how Erica is so obviously playing Gary like a fiddle. LATER he can do that, of course, or he can simply look the other way and grin, but to stand there and just stare at them while it's going on obvious and stupid.

Why would Jesse and Angie meet up at ConFusion to talk about whether or not he MURDERED someone or if he knows that their daughter-in-law MURDERED someone? Isn't this a conversation best left at HOME?

How is it that Amanda (or any other person off the street) can walk around in the area of the hospital nursery? I used to go see the babies sometimes when visiting people in the hospital, but thought that newborns were locked up pretty tight nowadays to prevent kidnapping. I suppose I can cut her some slack in that her husband works there. However, I know that if my baby was missing, I'd be DOING something about it, not hanging around the hospital staring at OTHER babies.

Whoa, they might want to rethink that artsy shot of the video screen above the bar showing Erica and Ryan dancing -- it makes BOTH of them look ... WIDE.

Robin "which makes tiny Erica look SQUAT, & NO one wants to look SQUAT" Coutellier

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