Saturday, May 11, 2013

Correction Of Timeline When David Possibly Farts (twice)

Correction, when I asked if David was farting in the Thursday episode, I inadvertently asked it for the wrong day (I watch 3 episodes back-to-back). It was actually on Wednesday's episode (aka S01E08, C2P3).

The video apparently has a countdown marker on the right, but if you hover over a spot on the timeline, it shows the place within the timeline. Sometimes.

They happen during the second scene of David and Cara talking outside. David and Cara had been sitting on the bench, but then Cara gets up and stands behind the bench to continue the conversation (moving around or facing another direction in the middle of a conversation for no reason whatsoever, other than to indicate deception or agitation is a classic soap maneuver; there's probably an acronym for it in the script), and he does the same.

The first fart happens at approximately 13:51/10:24. Cara says "I was hoping you would appreciate me telling you what I did."

About ten seconds later, Cara says something about hoping he would move on and let her do the same.

The first one sounds a little like a shoe squeak, but he's not moving. When it happens again it's a little more rumbling. They could still both be shoe squeaks, but I like to THINK they were farts, because I'm easily amused :-)

Hey, SOMEONE has to point these things out!

Robin "Vince's note to self: buy some Beano on the way home" Coutellier

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