Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Boogie Chillen, Monday - 5-6-13

Now we know that Kendall and Zach are actually DIVORCED, not just separated.

Celia reminds a little bit of a Christina Ricci.

Zach thinks that Cassie has been kidnapped for human trafficking purposes.

David was NOT about to strangle JAR at the end of Thursday's show. He was checking JAR's carotid pulse. Dixie saw him, though, and is convinced he was about to strangle him.

Bianca is an IDIOT to leave Miranda there in JAR's bedroom for the night. An I.D.I.O.T.  Why? Because Miranda now has a more urgent need to PROVE to others and HERSELF that she's not a lesbian like her mother. And there's AJ, all besotted (not to mention hot and bothered) with her, giving whatever comfort he can.

I recall Bianca (before coming out) wanting to prove she wasn't really a lesbian by going out with a boy and trying to force herself to have sex with him. I think maybe Leo interrupted them at the boathouse (AND she had changed her mind, but the guy didn't want to stop).

Robin "some things NEVER change" Coutellier

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