Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Boogie Chillen, S01E14, C3P4 (Thu, 5-16-13)

Wait, did Brooke mean that Dixie has become a "therapist" when she said it's good that there's a therapist in the family? Yes, I suppose that IS a logical occupation for her. After all, she is widely renowned for her wisdom, sound decision-making processes, and overall level-headedness. Oh please! She's not known as DADD (Dumb As Dirt Dixie) for nothing!

So now they are dissing the CW channel (Celia mentioned it in a derogatory manner having to do with teenage audience stereotypes). What's up with the snide network digs?

What I love even more than JAR calling himself an asshole is the sight and sound of BILLY CLYDE TUGGLE! The sleazy pimp we love to hate because he's just so damn entertaining! I wonder how he'll hold up in today's politically correct atmosphere. OTOH, characters are swearing, showing a LOT of skin, and even jiggling their man-bits for all the internet world to see, so an old school pimp may not be a big deal, current events aside.

Robin "the church lady was a little over-the-top, though" Coutellier

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