Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Boogie Chillen, S01E11, C3P1 (Mon, 5-13-13)

Whoa, Zach was getting pretty handsy with Bianca's knee and thigh in his empathy over Miranda's social problems.

How could Jesse have brought the FBI in to help find the kidnapped Cassie without the FBI contacting Angie?

Griff tells Dixie that JAR is suffering from retrograde amnesia and that what causes that kind of amnesia can also cause dramatic personality changes. Soooo, does this mean he might NOT be an asshole?

Poor AJ. He decides to give his father a chance and goes to see him. He looks so hopeful and even bashful seeing his father awake. JAR clearly doesn't know who AJis and treats him like a stranger; AJ looks crushed. AJ is not a little kid anymore, so it's kind of understandable that JAR might not recognize him right away. OR is JAR pretending in order to avoid responsibility for shooting and killing Marissa? Still, it be pretty hard for ANY parent not to at least give a micro-tell upon seeing one's own child.

Robin "when news gets around that JAR is awake, I think he can expect a visit from Bianca" Coutellier

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