Monday, May 27, 2013

Boogie Chillen, S01E17, C4P1 (Mon, 5-20-13)

So. How long before David and Angie have sex?

JAR has AMAZING muscle tone for having been in a coma for 5 years. I find it hard to believe he can even sit up, let along WALK, even with help.

Oh please! Celia wants to be virginal, yet she wears THAT to bed (with Pete lying on top of the covers and her under the covers)? I'm not saying she should be wearing a granny gown (too much easy access, in any case), but a flimsy gown that barely covers her ass is pushing it.

BCT has relatively white teeth for the kind of life he's lived. Funny -- he never struck me as someone who flosses and brushes on a regular basis. In fact, I'd expect his teeth to be somewhat on the greenish brown side. I think his teeth WERE kind of dingy back in the day (before bleaching became so commonplace, so I guess I can chalk his pearly whites now up to dentures (or Clorox).

TAN/OT: I knew a girl in high school (circa 1972) who had the whitest teeth I had ever seen. I complimented her on them and she rolled her eyes and confided to me that she had used Ajax cleanser (which I think had bleach in it) on her teeth. It had removed most of the enamel, resulting in cavities in every single tooth! She had already been beautiful and popular before she did that (I couldn't believe she was even TALKING to me or that she was so nice), so I was stunned that she felt she needed to do something so drastic. It definitely made her more human in my eyes. It also was a remembered lesson to not ever use cleanser or household bleach on my teeth.

Robin "we've all done stupid things, especially when we were teenagers" Coutellier

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