Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Boogie Chillen, S01E13, C3P3 (Wed, 5-15-13)

Opal! What a sneaky bitch for snitching on Celia (for the sole purpose of keeping Pete for herself)!

Is it my imagination, or are they showing more commercials now? OTOH, I'm "binge watching" at the moment so maybe it just seems like it because I have to sit through them all one after the other without the ability to FF.

Jeeze, I nearly jumped in my chair! JAR was holding AJ's hand and trying to let him know how much he loved him, and then Dixie suddenly opened the sliding door to the room. The sound effect for the sliding door made it sound like Darth Vader was about to sweep into the room!

I love, Love, LOVE that JAR echoed my sentiments and referred to himself as an asshole! :-)

I agree with Debbie that, angst over Cassandra's situation aside, Jesse and Angie are waaaay overbearing on questioning the beaten patient about the sex trafficking ring. Of course, PVH has never been particularly strict about HIPAA violations.

Whoa! It's not often on a soap (never, in fact, until NOW) that you see a guy with loose briefs that allow his package to jiggle around right there on camera! I am, of course referring to the muscle-endowed henchman/porn actor who grabbed Cassandra at the end of the show.

TAN: Speaking of muscle-men, My mother and I were out shopping and, as we waited for a light to change, we looked at a nearby strawberry stand. A man had gotten out of his car to go to walk up to the stand. The first thing I noticed was that his biceps were HUGE. He was modestly dressed and a little on the short side, so they might have been overlooked if I hadn't been looking at the strawberry stand at the time. I pointed him out to my mother. I noticed that his thighs were also bulging with an abundance of muscles and said so. Mom said "he's also bow-legged". He was. I told her that that was because his thighs were so huge that he HAD to walk bow-legged.

Robin "some muscle is nice--too much muscle, not so much" Coutellier

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