Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Boogie Chillen, Wednesday - 5-1-13

I'm glad to see that Brooke managed to heal Adam's heart. I've also missed Adam's hissssssses whenever anything he says has an ess sound in it.

The squiggle artwork in Adam's living room reminds me of the squiggle artwork Jack used to have in HIS living room. Or in his house with Erica. Or maybe in his office. Well, Jack had some squiggle artwork SOMEwhere.

OH FGS! There's yet ANOTHER child hidden from David? I think Leora was the ONLY child he ever got to be with from birth and she died at, what, 4 months?

Was McKenzie the little girl (who is now a teenager) that Cara championed the last time around? I remember that Cara had leukemia when she was a child and she was isolated and over-protected and HATED it. So when she saw another little girl being treated the same way, she stood up for her (against the girl's PARENTS). I think Cara got fired and/or banned from the hospital for it.

  • Do people in PV still go to the Yacht Club?

  • How long will it be before someone blows something up?

  • How long will it be before a baby or child is kidnapped? We ALREADY have an adult being kidnapped right off the bat, after all.

  • ARE there any babies left in PV? If not, how soon before someone is sporting a baby lump?

  • Where are Kathy and Jenny? Jenny would probably be with Krystal, assuming Krystal survived, but Kathy is Tad and Dixie's daughter.

  • Did Jane buy BJ's and remake it into Jane's Addiction?

  • Is there still quicksand out by Willow Lake?

  • Did Jamie hire caretakers for the Wallingford estate that he inherited, or did he sell it off or rent it out so he could continue to be a doctor in Africa?

  • Is Evelyn the Headmistress really Celia's biological mother or aunt?

  • Does Colby Chandler feel eclipsed by Petey's success with apps, given that she had become a video-blog sensation 5 years ago? I don't get the feeling that she was a casualty of the infamous megadeath/engagement party.

  • Did Caleb finally say "take this job and shove it" to Cortlandt Electronics? I get the feeling that he abandoned it.
Robin "did Adam beef up security after the 'incident'?" Coutellier

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