Friday, May 3, 2013

AMC - Boogie Chillen Lite, Friday - 5-03-13

Well, that was kind of interesting. On Fridays they will be giving recaps, behind-the-scenes stuff, interviews with various actors and crew members, etc. If regular storyline shows are only going to be on M-Th, it's nice to have something in between, especially at first when we need to rebuild our connection to the show. ETA: We can also skip it if we don't feel like watching because it's not part of the storyline

OTOH, I'm a little hesitant about finding out TOO much information about what goes on behind the scenes on a regular basis. We'll see.

The Friday segments are sort of a separate show with their own name (MORE AMC). If you want to make suggestions, give feedback or have questions about the MA segments, you can email them to:

Robin "all in all, I think it's been a GREAT first week back!" Coutellier

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