Friday, May 10, 2013

Boogie Chillen, S01E07, C2P2 (Tuesday - 5-7-13)

Yes, I'm VERY late with most of the week. Which is why it was difficult to figure out from the titles where I had left off. I had to do a little math, although I then figured out it will tell me the air-date if I hover my mouse over it. SO, now I'm going to put the season number, episode number, chapter number and part number (abbreviated, of course) in the headers, along with the air-date, so that we can ALL figure out which episode the BC is about.

Ah, at least we hear that Tad IS alive, just off somewhere. He and Tad is "off on assignment" somewhere. Dixie did mention Kathy, so she's in the mix somewhere.

Jesse is STILL keeping Cassie's predicament a secret from Angie!

Celia overhears Pete's friend ribbing him about what a player he is and trying to get info about how he plans to seduce Celia. Pete tells him to knock it off, but doesn't really say much. Celia, who had walked in to meet with him, turns and leaves. THEN Pete tells his friend that Celia is special and it's not like that. Ah, CLASSIC soap!

Wow, Cassandra's makeup is remarkably intact for someone who has been kidnapped, handcuffed to a bed, and beaten.

Robin "what happens when she has to pee or poop?" Coutellier

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