Friday, May 10, 2013

Boogie Chillen, S01E9, C2P4 (Thu, 5-9-13)

Annnnd here come the boy bands.

At least Miranda was HAPPY about being surprised with a private concert, as opposed to Bianca who had a sweet sixteen party thrust upon her, despite her insistence that she didn't WANT one.  Erica had arranged for the boy band O-Town to serenade her, along with about 100 guests that she either didn't know or didn't like. I think that was also the night (afterward) that she found out that her father had died. Erica always wanted the limelight, but Bianca NEVER did, AND she wasn't interested in boys, although I don't think we knew that at the time.

I wonder if AJ knows that his own father was in a boy band (on the show and in real life).

Jesse is about to be in DEEP shit with Angie over not telling her about Cassandra.

Cassandra, in the meantime, is about to have to earn her keep. And, yes, the timing of it coinciding with the rescue of the three women in Cleveland is a possible problem. It's certainly coincidental, but hardly the PP's fault. I wouldn't be surprised, though, if they change some things by hurriedly rewriting and reshooting some scenes, and possibly easing away from that storyline altogether. They had to do that back in the 1990s when JaNut From Another Planet had a bombing plan that coincided with the Oklahoma City bombing. They dropped that storyline like a hot potato! AMC may no longer be on a big-name network, but they DO have sponsors that may have some input.

Robin "what to do, what to do ..." Coutellier

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